“To Dr. T, Peak Performance Chiropractic go hand in hand for Olympic Training.
Thanks for the help!

-Butch Reynolds, World Record 400 Meters, 1988 Olympic Gold & Silver”

“Bill and Janet, Thanks for all your help!”
Ceci St. Geme, Track and Field Star

“To Tarr, Thanks for keeping my spine in line.”
Roger Craig, NFL Running Back

“Dr. Tarr, Thanks for keeping me straight.
May the Lord continue to bless you and your work.”
Troy Walters, NFL Player, Indianapolis Colts

“Dr. Bill, Peak Performance is the best!
My right arm and I thank you for all your help.
Your generosity and care will not be forgotten.”
Josh Hochgesay

“Dr. Bill Tarr is the most thorough and patient oriented chiropractor that I have ever seen. My son, who is 9 years old, has seen Bill for chronic migraines for two years. With chiropractic care, he has reduced pain and frequency of migraines, and no longer has to take terribly toxic medications to prevent the migraine episodes. Being able to get a nice year old to consider and happily anticipate chiropractic care has been no issue, because Bill instills trust in his patients. I also see Bill, for sports related care. For years, I thought I had a chronic hamstring injury, sought medical opinions, and spent a fortune on massages and physical therapy. By seeing Bill regularly, and keeping my hips properly aligned, I have been injury free for four years. Peak Performance is a family. Every professional at Peak Performance has cared for myself and my family, and each is undeniably talented and caring.”